Typing my head off!

When it comes to writing travel blogs, I suppose “better late than never” is my motto. Incidentally, that’s also my motto at work. Also when cooking, meeting friends, attending weddings and, funnily enough, being born (having arrived into this world a remarkable 17 months after conception, as reported in the Weekly World News at the time).

The point of this is thus: Near the end of 2012, I undertook a ten-week-long sojourn overland, from bustling Hong Kong, to my home in bustling South London. It was indeed a fully-bustling time – and I found precious few occasions to get blogging along the way.

Instead, now that we’re in 2013, I’ve decided to replace blogging with flogging. Using my assortment of travel notes, audio recordings, video and photos from the trip – as well as anecdotes and impressions mysteriously committed to memory through the noxious fog of booze I call life – I’m currently writing a proper travelogue of the journey. A Eurasian Diary: From Hong Kong to London by Train, Bus & Lada. 

This wonderful WordPress thinger is what I’m using as the travelogue’s homebase. I’ll be posting excerpts from the story here, linking to photos, videos, and – once all is ready – I’ll have the full story ready for download, to e-readers and tablets, to PCs and Macs, and even as PDFs that you can print out and roll around in.

For now, I’m 16,000 words into the full story, so the whole thing should be with you in a few months….! Excited face.

In the meantime, I’ll be updating the site with interesting (to me) and relevant (that’s a joke) updates on progress, and with bits of media from the journey you might like. I’m also #twitterating, so do join me up at @liamtyping and I’ll follow you right back. This could be the start of a beautiful exchange of one-liners.

Thanks! Liam


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