The final leg!

There comes a time in every journey when the gravitational pull of home takes over – psychologically as much as geographically, you’re closer than ever to completing your quest, and getting closer by the second.

That’s where things are with my wee little travelogue project – I’m now writing the very final paragraphs in A Eurasian Diary, with just 2,000 words to go till the whole first draft is done and dusted…! Wowsers. Should I be ecstatic or misty-eyed?

Whether with actual travel or with a big writing project, both emotions seem to apply. There’s sadness that your stream of discovery is drawing to a close, and that your daily triumphs in conquering the terrifying unknown (a.k.a. unwritten pages) are soon to be all completed. But, there’s also more than a bit of pride in having survived the quest you set out for yourself, and you can now indulge in some wonderful, well-earned comforts: spare time, and fantastic memories. Plus, once you’re done, you know you’re even better equipped now to go and do it again.

First drafts, though, are first drafts, and I know there some edits ahead! In the meantime, I’m trawling through e-publishing options, tweaking the cover, formatting and proofreading, and generally getting the beast ready for its grand debut to the world. As with finishing an actual journey, releasing a creative project is itself a part of the process. You get home from your trip, and you synthesise everything – you tie threads through memories, make photo albums, and tell stories – in effect, you get to relive it. With publishing (in whatever form!), you also relive your work through other people’s eyes, and take some pleasure that you’ve shared these ideas – telling them not only to yourself in a quiet room hunched over a laptop, but to strangers as well as friends.

So, here’s to the last leg of this particular journey – I’ll be celebrating soon with a 36-hour bender by posting another except from the book, right here, on this very blog. Stay tuned 🙂

As for now – my butt’s in a chair, and I’ve got four hours to write. And…….. go!


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