A Eurasian Diary: out now!

CoverA Eurasian Diary is now available on Amazon! The book’s ready for download to Kindles, PCs, Macs and all your favourite Virtual Reading Machines.

Covering six-thousand miles over sixty-eight days, A Eurasian Diary is the travelogue of a roundabout kind of reunion. Journeying through China’s Far West, onto the Silk Road and onwards to Europe, we encounter lands that are complex, beautiful and exceedingly friendly – leading us into some welcome (and, at times, a little bit unwelcome, if we’re honest) diversions from Best Laid Plans.

Pick up the story today for $2.99 in U.S. or Canadian money (or £1.99 in the UK). And, with 10% of the proceeds going to support the Community Based Tourism programme in Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan, you’ll be helping me give a little something back as well – bargainsauce!

What’s this whole story really about? I’ve tried to summarise it best I can in the classic form of the blurb (a high art form in itself!)

One fine autumn day, newlywed Liam Roberts found himself on the wrong side of a continent. His wife was back home in London – he happened to be in Hong Kong. The quickest way to solve the problem would have been to take the plane – but who’s ever said the best things in life are quick? 

Cinching up his rucksack and hitting the road, he set out to reach her overland. On trains, buses, and rust-orange Ladas, their reunion became a long rite of passage – however roundabout the passage might have been. 

The journey takes him west through China’s furthest fringes, and onto the path of the ancient Silk Road into Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and finally onward towards Europe. Along the way, he makes new friends (and the occasional enemy), tackles vast bazaars and even vaster bureaucracies, crawls over summits and falls in at least two rivers. Through police states and wonders of the world, from Guangzhou to Kashgar to Samarkand and beyond, he’s always helped along by people’s goodwill – and by the imagined voice in his ear that inspires him forward. 

Narrating the journey and its people with affection, wonder and (usually) a sense of humour, A Eurasian Diary brings to life both the charms and the vagaries of this fabled route. The book serves as a travelogue of lands that are both complex and beautiful, but it’s also a story about interconnection. Step by step, we move from one world to another – from continent to continent, from histories to new futures, and from being alone to being together.  

The story marks my first time publishing online (unless you can count the blog itself?), and I’m keen to see where it goes! If it tickles your fancy (or might tickle the fancy of a loved one), it would be great to have you on board. You don’t actually need a Kindle device to get the book, either – Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac are quick, free and simple little apps that let you read eBooks on your computer, tablet, or whatever else you’ve got with a screen.

Besides diving into the book itself, you’re also invited to join up on the Facebook page, on Flickr, and of course on The Twitter. Questions, comments and thoughts are all welcome!


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