A Eurasian Diary: out now!

CoverA Eurasian Diary is now available on Amazon! The book’s ready for download to Kindles, PCs, Macs and all your favourite Virtual Reading Machines.

Covering six-thousand miles over sixty-eight days, A Eurasian Diary is the travelogue of a roundabout kind of reunion. Journeying through China’s Far West, onto the Silk Road and onwards to Europe, we encounter lands that are complex, beautiful and exceedingly friendly – leading us into some welcome (and, at times, a little bit unwelcome, if we’re honest) diversions from Best Laid Plans.

Pick up the story today for $2.99 in U.S. or Canadian money (or £1.99 in the UK). And, with 10% of the proceeds going to support the Community Based Tourism programme in Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan, you’ll be helping me give a little something back as well – bargainsauce!

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Old Entish Soldier

Old Entish Soldier

Along the base of Emeishan in Sichuan Province, a network of forest trails connect temples, pavilions, and spots of tranquil contemplation (despite the heaving crowds!).

This solitary figure continues to stand tall – though the tree has died, it’s a home to lots of other new life.

Panda Party

A very happy Easter weekend to all – I thought I’d commemorate it with a little clip of these bad boys doing their bad boy thing, gorging on whatever they can grasp in their flat little paws. For reference, I was exactly the same way yesterday afternoon, but with Mini Eggs.

This was taken up in the Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre, home of red pandas as well as the illustrious Giant Pandas. Around 9:00 each morning, these adolescents are brought to a viewing platform and fed truckloads of bamboo, where they feast without shame before a handful of amazed visitors.  By 10:00, though, these guys are out for the count, lolling in a fibre-induced haze for the rest of the day.

I can’t tell if I think they’re pathetic or just merry little blobs of zen.